How Kennedy Chose His Fate

How Kennedy Chose His Fate

Author: Ruslan Belov

Translated from Russian to English

I had a dilemma – Dilya and Emma. The first was a strong, cute tartar girl who could cook well and all of that. She dreamed of a large family and a bread-winning husband. The second, Emma, was of Western European nationality and the tenth (but most adorable) person in line at a famous transnational company. She was inclined to believe anything people cooked up and was sure that after fifty years, by that time, should she decide to get pregnant, science will certainly have come up with a solution for this. For a long time I was unsure of which of them to offer my hand and heart.  Finally, when the day came and I had to make a decision, I went to my friend Vera, a fortune teller, so I could blame her for being responsible for my future.

“I don’t know what to say…”  Vera looked me straight in the eye, a nice woman around thirty years old. “Understand that there are always several possible futures and when a person finds out about them, they have a lot to think about. Kennedy, for example, one year thought….”

“John Kennedy? You read him!!?”

“You offend me, Volodya, I am only 25 years old. My mom read him…”

“Tell me about it!”

“He was restless, this Kennedy.”  She began, half-smiling. “Painful childhood, but a womanizer’s soul. Even his relatives were hesitant to visit him at the White House…well, except for his brother Robert, of course. It was there, with sofas under him, that his next passion cracked. He was a mediocre politician, caught up with gangsters (he wanted to use their help to remove Castro), with Marilyn Monroe, with drug dealers, with secretaries, with prostitutes. After he went on a vacation, he was very interested in how this all would look like in the press and in the hearts of taxpayers. Well with the help of his friend Frank Sinatra, he found my mama. She was practicing in the states then. Truly, the first item on the agenda of the meeting was different. He asked, would there be a nuclear war with Russia because of Cuba or not? Mama answered this question decisively; after all she was a colonel, given this title by Lavrentiy Beria himself for the disruption of the German nuclear program…”

“You’re joking!” I was shocked. “How old was your mother in the mid-forties? Ten?”

“Under thirty, and when she met with Kennedy – under fifty. She had me in her sixties.”

“You’re kidding!” Again I was shocked.

“We age slower in my family because we know everything in advanced. Will you listen?”

“That’s it. I’ll be silent. Tell me more.”

“In general, after that Jack called Khrushchev. They…”

“They made love in the oval office…”

“Yes. My mama was better looking than that airhead Marilyn. Jackie was with the children at their estate Glen Ora. She was always there hiding from her husband’s debauchery. Mom did not like Kennedy. He suffered from bronze disease and was covered in colored patches from head to toe; his back ached, which sometimes caused him to cry out. Still she was happy to check this off of the list in her biography.

John Kennedy asked the second question afterwards. Such a sick question: how could he stay forever in the hearts and minds of Americans, if he is not a great, but a rather a famous President?

He immediately developed the question with his interest in mind: They say, if Abraham Lincoln had not been assassinated, regardless of his stormy political activities, he would have been remembered in the minds of Americans to have been an ordinary president. It is unlikely that he would have been very popular in his own time.

Well, my mother naturally saw through him, so she said an enchantment and gave him three possible versions of his future.

The first version is realized in the event of the untimely death of Marilyn Monroe. In this variant Kennedy loses the presidential race in 1964 to George Romney, the principled and honest governor of Michigan. He lost because the campaign trail shed light on several circumstances concerning the death of Marilyn, or more precisely the murder of her agent, which had been set up by Robert Kennedy through some front men. After this loss the Kennedy family, like their political power, seized to exist.

The second version of the story of John Fitzgerald Kennedy is very upsetting. It is realized in the event of a failed attempt to murder Marilyn Monroe. In this version the actress lived until she was ninety five years old and John is not nominated for a second term due to the sharp deterioration of his health. In the end, instead of John, the Democratic Party elected Robert Kennedy as their candidate. He easily beat out Barry Goldwater and became the 36th president of the USA. On the campaign trail, several of Bobby’s talkative aides claimed that their boss had actually been elected for a second term, because during the previous four years he was the main advisor and inspiration to his brother. That is to say that he practically led the country.

The third version is the most tragic variant. John Kennedy is assassinated in Dallas at the height of his political glory and his place in the presidential chair is occupied by the entirely unappealing Vice President Lindon Johnson.

Jack Immediately took to the final version.  When Mama said, that this development will lead to the murder of Robert, and then even to the political death of Edward Kennedy, he firmly sent her away and after a year went to Dallas, despite the requests of competent authorities to not go. “

“Interesting…Well which of these versions do I have?” Surviving what I heard, I went into action.

“The first version of your future comes true if you marry Dilya. She will give birth to four of your children and in the end will make you into an exemplary husband, knowing well how much to drink and what to say at the dinner table.”

“The second version – it is Emma. You will circumnavigate the globe, go to space, you will have your own airplane, a 40 meter yacht, a ranch in Hawaii, a hacienda in Argentina and a castle in France. After ten years you will take a suite case and leave her for a prostitute named Fi-Fi…”

Vera went silent. Her hypnotic look prompted me to ask:

“Well, and the third version? Do I have a third?”

“Yes. The third version…”

“It is me.”

Do you know who followed him there?

R.A. Belov

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