SKA believe in Tikhonov and Plotnikov

July 17, 2016

Leonov: St. Petersburg SKA believe in Tikhonov, Znarok remembers him at Minsk-2014, as well as Plotnikov.

Famous specialist and ex-head coach of SKA, Yuri Leonov commented that SKA are close to signing a contract with Viktor Tikhonov.* Leonov said that Tikhonov has good memories in St. Petersburg and that they believe in him there. Beyond that, Oleg Znarok remembers the forward for his victory with the Russian national team at the IIHF world championships at Minsk in 2014.

“Tikhonov has played a lot in St. Petersburg and left there with good memories. Last season was, of course, lacking, and the year before that he played very little…But I think that SKA believe in him, they hope, that he will be able to leave that level of play and return to where he was 2-3 years ago. Everything here is tied to this belief. A lot of people remember only the bad, but here he remembers the good. Yes, right now the SKA have a lot of top centers, but it is possible that they will try to use Tikhonov at another position. It is a long season, and everything will depend on his performance most of all.

Also important is his chemistry with the team, in the locker room. He is a good person, who brings a positive atmosphere to the club. A plus with Tikhonov, of course, was the conversation with the leaders of the club, in which he assured that he will do everything in his power to return to his previous level of play. But still, Oleg Znarok remembers Tikhonov at Minsk in 2014! It is for the same reasons that SKA signed Plotnikov – because Znarok remembers his contributions to the victory at the world championships in Minsk. But still, the world cup will be in September and SKA will be without their leading players. They will need experienced guys, who in that moment will be able to take on the responsibility for results.” – said Leonov in conversation with the correspondent of Chempionat, Anna Ovchinnika.

*He has now been officially signed.



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Article from «Чемпионат»

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