Medvedev: The Transition of Datsyuk to the KHL Proves that the League Continues to Develop.

English translation of the original article (pictured above) by TASS

Link to original:

NEW-YORK, 19 JUNE. /TASS/. The transition of the Russian forward Pavel Datsyuk to the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) proves that despite all of the economic and on ice difficulties, the league continues to develop. This was announced by the former president of the KHL Alexander Medvedev, whose words quote the official site of the National Hockey League (NHL).

On Saturday the 37 year old Datsyuk announced, during a specially convened press conference, that he will leave the NHL and return to Russia to play in the KHL.

“It is the same situation, like the arrival of Alexander Radulov, the arrival of Ilya Kolvalkuk, the arrival of Jaromir Jagr. It once again proves, that despite all of the economic and on ice difficulties, the league continues to develop”, said Medvedev.

On the question, what kind of role does he see Datsyuk playing in Russian hockey, Medvedev answered:

“Young people still look for the ratio of stars in hockey. We know well, that Jagr took the keys and went to train here, when it was impossible to find anyone in the stadium. Then other players started to join him. It is not for nothing the someone out of NHL said, that when Datsyuk has the puck, the opponents knees begin to shake, it (the presence of Datsyuk) speaks for itself.”

In the words of Medvedev, the fact that Datsyuk did not play out the remaining year of his contract in the NHL and left for Russia does not influence the relationship of the two leagues. “Here, everything is perfectly legal. There, like in the situation of Ilya Kovalchuk, one is not allowed to talk about breech of contract. The language goes on about the same scheme, the termination of professional career in the NHL. So long as all contracts, rights and responsibilities are met, there is no kind of violation, the relationship is not hurt.”, – said the former head of the KHL.

Detroit, with which Datsyuk spent his entire career in the NHL, chose the Russian in the sixth round of the 1998 draft with the 171 pick. His first game as member of the Detroit was on October 4, 2001 versus the San Jose Sharks (4:3) For 14 seasons in the NHL, Datsyuk played in 953 regular season games, in which he scored 918 points (314 goals + 604 assists). In the Stanley Cup playoffs, the Russian played in 157 games, collecting 113 points (42+71) and is a two time winner of the Stanley Cup (2002, 2008).


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